Is it a cliche to get inspired by a pile of flowers?

When I see that blue flower I am immediately transported to my childhood and my favorite crayon color...periwinkle blue.

These flowers have a big personality...perfect for Judy Jetson's wedding bouquet.

Pink, purple & blue. I would never grab those colors together, but the pale green keeps them from looking too sweet.

Sunflowers say"Catch a little happy".

Stems and leaves create the strong graphic design...ok. Where are my paints. 
Robin likes cliches.



First I stepped away from the computer.

 Then I turned the music up loud.

I opened a can of metallic gold paint. 
Yes, you heard it right. Gold has made a comeback.

Got my hands messy. Found some notions, scissors, newsprint.

Had me some fun.


finding peace.

This photo speaks to me.
In this crazy world of design I search for quiet moments...and even though I am doing the backstroke in the sun I am thinking of my next design for cocktail napkins or my next illustration for bedding or my next pattern  for backpacks or my next palette for my jewelry design.

 The studio beckons me.

 I think I love these colors.

Okay Dolly. Let's play hooky.

It is good to clear out the cobwebs. Design time can wait.



 In the middle of white winter I will think of these images.

Missing the color and the

texture of summer.

Missing the scent and taste of summer. What will you miss?


hello yellow.

Sorry yellow...you were never one of my favorite colors but

recently I have developed a new passion for the color of cheer.

I googled some info on my new found friend and discovered some interesting trivia...

In Japan yellow represents courage.
In China, adult movies are referred to as yellow movies...hmmm.
In Russia a "yellow house" is an insane asylum.

Whatever. Yellow is my new best friend since it just makes me smile.


who knew?

So when I decided to become a licensor, little did I know I would need to

become a talented illustrator to offer that fabulous image to my clients...and I would need to

offer fabulous design and pattern and palette (on-trend of course)...and I would need to 

summon up my expertise in photography to capture that fabulous product shot...and I would need to

become a stylist as well to create the fabulous photo...and I would need to 

become an interesting interior designer because a fabulous home should follow fabulous art...and I would need to

circulate the fabulous art in the fabulous photo on social media and...I would need to 

write fabulous press releases and design a fabulous website and design a fabulous tradeshow booth and design fabulous styleguides and design fabulous ads and design fabulous presentations...all the while sewing fabulous samples from fabulous fabric and creating fabulous crafts for my fabulous clients and eventually digesting fabulous contracts..who knew?


step away from the computer.

My computer likes me when I empty trash, clear the hard drive and hit restart. 
I can tell it is smiling when I hear that Apple purr. 
The same effect can be had on my internal hard drive. After an especially tedious assignment I like to move from computer desk to drawing table and start fiddling with beads or playing with paint. It feels like hitting the restart button. 
And I know it works because my hard drive is smiling...purr.


once upon a time.

Cleaning out my flat files, I came across this older work. It made me smile. Before 9/11 I was an assignment illustrator working for

ad agencies, design studios, magazines, and publishers. Loved it. All of my illustration was painted and I worked on really fun projects from the Mattel Barbie styleguides to a poster with Picabo Street, ad campaigns for Budweiser and American Express, editorial illustrations for The New York Times, Washington Post and Seventeen magazine, and a mural for the QVC corporate offices.

Now I don't need flat files anymore. All my work is done in Illustrator. Lucky for me I am a person that enjoys change. Wonder what the next chapter will bring?


plant a seed.

Growing a garden is like growing a business.

For style, draw a plan. Choose a palette. Plant a seed. 

For production, work it.

For originality look for the unexpected.

For quality, go straight to the source.

For consistency, know a good thing.

For partners, take a different path.

For new business, dig around.

For endurance, create a masterpiece.



I have always loved anything french. 
French food, french words, oh la la, french fries, french berets, french parfum, french bread, french fashion, but of course...

so when one of my licensees sold my work to Walmart Canada

I was tres heureuse!