dodo word.

A very talented friend writes brilliant copy. She sends me smart, witty emails, word puzzles, brain teasers. I love words. Sadly the written word is a dying art. Who would Dorothy Parker have been in this day and age? You decide.

"I don't care what is written about me as long as it isn't true."

"Don't look at me in that tone of voice."

"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue."


dance. dance. dance.

So then I won a contest to invite 200 of my closest friends to a dance club in New Haven.

And then I won  tickets to Madison Square Garden to see Michael Jackson.

My mother started competing in ballroom dancing and her friends strutted their stuff at my wedding.

We had a big party to christen our new house...

 and even thru life's ups & downs...

my art is still dancing along with me.



An art director once told me that my work seemed musical...like the images were singing and dancing.

My mother started me in tap dance lessons when I was three years old.

Every school dance I went to played this.

When I was sixteen I went to a party where a totally naked stranger asked me to dance
I said NO!

At a club in Paris, Bianca Jagger pushed me off the dance floor. 
Apparently I was in her spot.
At Studio 54 I danced next to Francesco Scavullo, Halston, Steven Rubell, Bianca (again) , Vitas Gerulaitis and Andy Warhol so now I know why my images sing and dance.


color love.

Did I mention I love color? I think I love shapes too.

I blame a childhood playing with Origami and Colorforms...an adulthood obsessed with Matisse papercuts, Marimekko prints, Peter Max posters and Milton Glaser graphics...

 Did I mention I love color? I think I love shapes too.


color my world.

Recently I realized something. My joy of travel is directly linked to my joy of color.

 Thank you tropics...I needed that.

 Am I dreaming?

 Love that unexpected pop of red.

 Can the sky really get that blue?

 Oooohhh. Man-made color!

Wow. I feel much better now.


feeling pinkish.

Some women like to say that they hate pink. I often wonder what that really means.

Even though I was a true tomboy growing up, I always loved pink.

I love the shocking pink of Elsa Schiaparelli.

I love the coral pink of magnificent sunsets

and the rosy pink of a baby's cheeks. 

When I am creating,I use pink as a neutral. 

There is alot my beloved pink has to offer. Think pink.


blue flower.

Can this be real? Loving this color.

fresh start.

Love the feeling of a fresh start. The blank page. So many possibilities. The paint beckons. Create something fabulous!